August is National Goat Cheese Month. Yes, that’s a thing! Known for its distinct taste, it can steal the stage in everything from an entrée to a delicious dessert.

At Savor Culinary Services, we include goat cheese in clients’ dishes when they have a craving or an intolerance to dairy, but still want to enjoy cheese. Our favorite brand is available at Central Market – which comes from a local dairy in Flower Mound called Latte Da Dairy. What we love about their products is how rich it tastes and the fact that it’s all natural and “unadulterated.”

Whether you’re a fanatic, or you’ve never tried it, there’s lots of ways to start incorporating it into your dishes – both sweet AND savory!

Paleo Snacks

Some varieties of goat cheese pack a punch and are the perfect choice to elevate paleo snacks. Our team’s favorite snack are strawberries stuffed with it. When we’re feeling especially indulgent, we like to pair it with crisp white wine! Goat cheese is also amazing when stuffed in figs and wrapped in prosciutto. Drizzle balsamic reduction on top, and you’re good to go!

Sweet Treats

Ready for the simplest sweet of all time? Take your favorite goat cheese, mix it with a drizzle of honey, and sprinkle in fresh lavender. It’s that easy!Like our picture above, you can also top baked pears with goat cheese, rosemary and candied walnuts and it becomes a gooey, delicious mess.  If your sweet tooth still isn’t satisfied, several local places make goat cheese cheesecakes. You heard it here first, folks.

Savory Sides

Get your fix on-the-go by spreading creamy goat cheese on toast. Top with fresh fruit or avocado and sprinkle with chia seeds. When you have a little more time, use toasted sourdough and layer white beans and caramelized onions on the cheese base.

If entertaining, roll goat cheese around grapes and then crust the grape with crushed walnuts or pecans. Trust us on this one.

Of course, you can always break out the cheeseboard too! It can make its appearance next to crostini, pretzels, pickles and other savory bites. As you can see, you’ve got options!