One of my clients served salmon for the first time to her little boy and he asked his mom, “Mom is this flamingo?” I just love the mind of a child. Everyone knows that salmon is really good for you but not everyone knows how to prepare it well. Fish as with all seafood is really best left alone as much as possible. The KISS (keep it simple stupid) method is really best when it comes to fish. When you buy fish and it smells fishy, that’s because it is bad. Fish should have a very light or none at all fish smell, eyes should be clear, scales in tacked and glisten but not slimy. Please always buy your seafood from a place that knows fish really well. Try to buy wild caught and not farm raised. It is best to buy wild caught and never frozen. Frozen fish has a tendency to cause a histamine reaction in people that are suffering from inflammation already.

Few single foods can bring as many health benefits to your diet in significant quantities as wild Alaskan salmon. Salmon is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It is a great choice for helping you feel energetic the whole day through, and to back it up leafy greens are a powerhouse of iron, protein, fiber and vitamin A, D, B6, B and E. Because salmon has been noted for so long for its omega-3 fatty acids, several things about it have been overlooked. One fascinating area of the healthy benefits is amino acids and the protein content. It may provide special support for joint cartilage, insulin effectiveness and control of inflammation.

Why is omega-3 found in salmon so important?

  • Protect heart health
  • Reduce sudden death from heart disease
  • Reduce the risk of stroke
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease in Type 2 diabetes
  • Essential in infant brain and eye development in pregnancy and infancy
  • Improve blood lipid patterns
  • Improve blood vessel function
  • Improve symptoms of inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, Chrone’s disease and skin conditions
  • Reduce the risk of mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and depression

Research studies have consistently shown that Omega-3 fatty acids delay the appearance of tumors and decrease the growth, size and number of tumors.

All of these benefits make salmon a great choice for anyone that is concerned about the health benefits of salmon.

Baked Salmon on Swiss Chard with Cucumber Dill Relish

Yield / Serves: 4


4-6ox salmon fillets, SKINLESS

8 Swiss chard leaves, discard stems

Relish: 1 cucumber, peeled, seeded,

1/4″ dice, about 1 1/2  cups

1/2 red bell pepper

1/4″ dice, about 1/2 cups

2 T green onions, chopped fine

1 t fresh dill, chopped

2 tbsp. lime juice

1/8 tsp. salt


Make relish by combining all ingredients. Use baking dish that just fits the fish, spray with Pam. Wash chard leaves, but do not dry. Fold 2 leaves in half at a time and place in baking dish so you have four stacks (leaves should folded to be about the same size as the fillets). Sprinkle with salt. Lay one fillet on each stack. Brush with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper.