Nothing shows how much you care quite like something from the kitchen. Whether its baked or infused or covered in chocolate, homemade food gifts rarely fail to get a smile out of the people who receive them. And they can be so simple. Whip up a batch of your grandma’s secret family oatmeal cookies, wrap them in an decorated hat box and you’re done. A tasty and thoughtful gift without facing the perils of Black Friday shopping.  Food gifts can be individually customized for the person who has everything, and they are easy on the environment as well as your wallet. As you go down your list this year, think apron first.

Our gift ideas:

Baked Goods

Nothing says happy holidays like something fresh and warm from the kitchen. Whether it’s classic sugar cookies, or a new twist on fruit cake, baked goods are always a crowd pleaser.

Include the Recipe

If you know your giftee loves to cook/bake, shares your secrets with them. You can type it up on nice paper or jot it down in a cute notecard. Either way they’ll appreciate the new recipe idea and the delicious results.

The Make your own Muffins/Cupcakes/Cookies KIT

Save your friends some labor but let them feel like the chef. Mixing all the dry ingredients for cookies, brownies, etc. and leave instructions for the last few steps. This will also give them the freedom to enjoy your gift whenever they crave it most and taste the results straight from the oven.

Give the gift of food without the hassle

Know someone one who would love a night off from cooking and deserves a chef quality meal? Savor Culinary gift certificates
are the perfect answer.

More DIY Gift Ideas for the Foodies in Your Life