How will you fuel your body this year? Here at Savor, our team is always fine-tuning the best ways to nourish clients with a wide variety of dietary needs. As you explore what foods give your unique system energy, strength and wellness, consider trying these rediscovered “superfoods” that are starring in the spotlight of 2018!

Maqui Berries

6 Superfoods to Try in 2018 Savor Culinary Services

In 2017, acai and goji berries were hot commodities for foodies and health advocates alike. This year, maqui berries are stealing the show for their high-fiber and vitamin content, as well as their ability to reduce inflammation. Studies show they can even help regulate blood pressure and boost metabolism!


6 superfoods to try in 2018 Savor Culinary Services

Apple cider vinegar has long been valued for its many benefits. In 2018, the ACV-based fermented drink “switchel” is making a comeback. Switchel provides electrolytes and can aid digestion – a win-win for us all.


6 Superfoods To Try in 2018 Savor Culinary Services

We’re ALL about healthy foods that you can dump in a blender. Moringa, similar to matcha, spirulina and green tea powder, is a wellspring of vitamin C, potassium and amino acids. Plus, its velvety texture will improve any smoothie!


6 Superfoods to Try in 2018 Savor Culinary Services
You may have used sumac, a spice commonly used in Middle-Eastern cuisine. Did you know, however, that its antioxidant content is 176 times higher than that of kale? A little goes a long way, and it makes a great salt substitute!


6 Superfoods to Try in 2018 Savor Culinary Services
Ok, hear us out. Peas often get a bad rap as a boring vegetable, but their health benefits are off the charts! Try eating them dried and crisped – a great snack for drives or long days at the office.

Purple yams

6 Superfoods to Try in 2018 Savor Culinary Services

If you’re trying to up your vegetable content, it can be helpful to have some color on your plate to break the monotony (though we love our greens). High in vitamin C, iron and potassium, purple yams fit this need perfectly. They even have antibacterial properties, which can help you get through flu season!

Here’s to a fresh start and trying new things in 2018. You never know which superfood might be your favorite! Need help getting more superfoods in your diet? Start a meal delivery service in January and receive $150 off! Just fill out a food questionnaire and we’ll give you a call to set up your service and get your discount!