Savor’s Story




Savor began with Chef Deb Cantrell, who trained at the Culinary Business Academy, Culinary Institute of America, and the Culinary School of Fort Worth. When her son was four years old, he received medical diagnoses that categorized him as high functioning autistic with severe ADHD. After extensive research on the autism spectrum and the effects of gluten in children, she changed his diet. Realizing what a positive effect it was having on him, she was attracting other people who wanted to heal themselves through food. One client turned into two, and then three, and when things started humming, Savor was born. The initial concept behind Savor, to support those with ailments where their current health diagnosis and regiment of medications left them feeling less than their best selves, is still the mission. Whether life has left clients physically or mentally in a less than optimal state, we find that identifying potentially problematic areas in one’s diet and focusing on essential nutrients might possibly go a long way in getting people back to as close to their “normal” selves as possible. It did, it does, and it will. By consulting with clients’ doctors, as well as external specialists and nutritionialists, the Savor team has been able to aid client recovery, and getting them back to feeling some semblance of their ideal selves.

While science is always changing, as are sicknesses and diseases and our collective understanding of them, we remain committed to changing lives, improving overall well-being, and taking on any situation that’s brought to us as best we can.




Serving Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield, Keller, Colleyville, Southlake, Dallas and surrounding areas


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