“I have seizure-like episodes that come on pretty fast and I thought I had to quit, that I can’t do this anymore. [Food] was the underlying thing that was making everything else bad.

When we finally found you, I think there were 80 things I couldn’t eat. It was daunting. We had no idea how to do it. We didn’t have a chef at the time. I didn’t know how to shop, didn’t know how to put anything together.

I travel a lot and going into hotels, I couldn’t just order something. But now it’s not so bad. I know what I can have, what I can’t have. What I can easily grab at the store.

There are things that I will have with me for the rest of my life. The biggest thing is I do feel better. I have my brain back, I can think clearly again, which was not happening. And I have hope. I was at the end of no hope.

[Now] I don’t ever want to go back.”

Glenn Beck

Radio and TV Personaility


“Having a professional athlete as a husband has it’s advantages, but having him gone for weeks at a time with two little ones, isn’t one of them. It’s hard enough to find the desire to cook for yourself, but add two small children with different appetites and it’s that much harder! That’s where Savor Culinary Services made dinnertime an easy, pleasant experience. Their team catered to the differences between each child and myself. They planned our meals completely and thoughtfully, taking into consideration every like and dislike. The convenient, unobtrusive approach made life much simpler as a part-time single mom. The meals were delicious and always a hit with my boys. Thanks, Savor Team!!”

Charlene Wells

Wife of Vernon Wells, Retired Centerfielder for the Yankees.


“Thank you for giving me my wife back. Within a month of receiving your meals and education, her doctors reduced her cancer treatments in half and we were able to take our first vacation together in 10 years. Savor was able to give her a better quality of life.”

Beau Williams

Husband of Laurie