The new year is officially in full swing! After reflecting on the past year, many of us started 2018 with a list of resolutions to live a happier, healthier and more purposeful life. Far too often, however, we give up on our goals after a small slip-up, quickly reverting to old habits. If you’ve already broken a New Year’s resolution, you’re not alone.

Use these 5 steps to get back on track!

Value progress over perfection.

Whether you’re trying to eat a nutritious diet or exercise consistently, chances are you will deviate from your course along the way. Instead of completely giving up when you don’t meet your standards, set a timer and reflect on the misstep for 3 minutes. After that, move on!

Make it easy.

What circumstances or limitations caused you to break your resolution? Were you worn out? Busy? Think about what led you to momentarily step away from your goals. Then, create a plan to make choices easier next time. Maybe you always have food ready-to go in your fridge or keep your gym clothes in your car.

Narrow it down.

Studies show people who focus on ONE improvement at a time are more successful at meeting their goals than those who try to change every aspect of their life at once. If you made too many resolutions, drop a few to focus on the one that has the greatest potential to improve your life.

Phone a friend.

Ask a friend to join you in your journey. Whether they act as a workout buddy or an accountability partner, it’s no secret – we’re always stronger together!

Reminders, reminders, reminders.

Motivate yourself by placing reminders of your goal in your home, workplace and car. Sticky notes, pictures or even jewelry can serve as great reminders of your goals. Change is a marathon, not a sprint. Play the long-term game, and give yourself grace if you have an off day! Remember – if you need healthy, personalized meals, we’ve got you covered.


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