A mom’s health and well being should be a top priority during a time when there are so many demands put on her. Between picking up the kids from soccer practice, to planning charity events, to getting meals on the table, being a mom can be exhausting to say the least. Of all people I understand, since I am a mom of two teenagers and try to juggle the responsibilities that come with that while also running my culinary business.

When I first started out in business, I felt like it was taking over my life (and even occasionally now). I didn’t feel like I had enough time for my kids and husband. In the past, I would let things spin out of control until I desperately needed a break, but now I have learned the value of pampering yourself throughout the month so you don’t reach that breaking point!

It’s not always easy taking time for yourself (mom guilt anyone?), but man it’s worth it. When you take a step back to take care of yourself, you’re able to offer the best version of yourself to your family and business and really be present. So, with that being said I gathered some of my favorite gifts to pamper yourself or your mom this Mother’s Day, so she is healthy and happy!

A Blowout

Best Gifts for Mom's Health & Well Being Savor Culinary Services

                      Photo Courtesy of Drybar Fort Worth

I think most of us can agree that getting your hair done is the ultimate pampering! Moms don’t always have the luxury of curling and styling her hair every day. Even if she does, sometimes it’s nice to have someone else make you look fabulous for a change! I love going to the Dry Bar in Fort Worth every once in a while because the blowouts always leave me feeling beautiful and ready to take on any challenge the day brings.

Vitamin Subscription

Best Gifts for Mom's Healthy & Well Being Savor Culinary Services

                       Photo Courtesy of Care/of

Studies have shown that most women are low in iron, especially because we get a visit from Aunt Flow each month. Iron is critical for producing enzymes that aid in digestion and also spreading oxygen to your lungs and cells. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia and other health issues such as fatigue, shortness of breath, pale skin, etc. There are many other nutrients that we as woman and Americans in general are lacking simply because of our diets. That’s why a vitamin subscription can really help your mom get the supplements she needs! Okay, so this gift might make her feel “old” but they come in pretty packages so that kind of makes up for it right? We all need to take daily vitamins, especially as women!

Care/of is a vitamin subscription that personalizes the vitamins you need and delivers them in daily packs that your mom can take on the go! How cool is that? Taking vitamins have never been more “hip.”

A Modern Floral Arrangement

Best Gifts for Mom's Health & Well Being Savor Culinary Services

                      Photo Courtesy of The Greenhouse 817

We couldn’t make a list of gifts for mom without including flowers, could we? Now, I know what you’re thinking. Another bouquet of flowers? Doesn’t that get old? Yes, it does – but only if you’re buying flowers that look like every other arrangement at the grocery store. That’s why we love this local Fort Worth business called The Greenhouse 817. They make modern floral arrangements that you can’t find anywhere else and they are absolutely STUNNING! Mom is sure to love dressing up her kitchen table with one of these beauties.

In fact, we love them so much that until May 13, when you start a meal delivery service you can get a complimentary floral arrangement ($150 value) for mom! Hurry on over and fill out a food questionnaire to get started and mention this blog article to get your free flowers along with your personalized meals!

Fun Fitness Classes at Local Studios

Best Gifts for Mom's Health & Well Being Savor Culinary Services

                     Photo Courtesy of Smart Barre Fort Worth

If you’d like mom to stay healthy and living long, staying active is an important part of that! There are so many great fitness studios here in Fort Worth to help her stay fit while having a good time! There’s the Body Bar, D Method, Core Elements, Smart Barre, Zyn22 and so much more. Grab a gift card for her or take a class with her whether it’s a spinning class or a barre class! Trying something new is fun and it’s always good to switch up your workout routine.

Personalized Meal Delivery Service

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Drenka (customer photo) 

I had to shamelessly throw this option in here, because I know that moms love eating gourmet meals that they don’t have to slave over! Eating can be complicated in this day and age where so many of us have intolerances and issues with our processed foods. Giving mom personalized meals that are made with fresh,organic ingredients that are personalized to her health needs and taste buds, is pretty much the perfect gift in our opinion.

Grab her a gift card, they are $50 off with the code “MOM50” until May 13.