You’ve probably heard me mention once before that we focus on culinary medicine at SAVOR. The phrase “culinary medicine” is not used often so you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about. I want to take a second and explain it real quick. By definition, culinary medicine is  a unique combination of nutrition and culinary knowledge to assist patients in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

In other words, we often work with doctors to help their patients eat better and create a diet that will promote their optimal health. Over the years, it has been amazing to watch the difference that a change of diet can affect the health of my clients. I’ve worked with a variety of clients who were battling cancer, candida or liver issues. I have seen many of them heal from their ailments simply by eating the right foods that their body needs. That’s why today I wanted to talk about a popular spice that seems to be taking the world by storm and that we use in some of our dishes as culinary medicine and to give some amazing flavor!

It’s the Eastern spice that everyone seems to be talking about lately – turmeric! More than likely, you’ve had turmeric before if you’ve ever had a curry dish. Turmeric is what gives curry dishes their bright yellow color! However, people aren’t just using turmeric in their curry dishes. People are putting this spice in their teas, rice bowls, homemade bone broth, scrambled eggs, grilled vegetables, soups and stews and even topically on the skin to help ease the pain of burns and eczema. Think of it as the coconut oil of spices! It has many uses.

The reason why everyone is crazy about it, is because it is high in antioxidants and serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory, which makes it popular among those with arthritis and joint pain. and There has also been some research done that shows it promotes brain health, helping you to avoid Alzheimer’s disease. It’s also used for a variety of things like bronchitis, headaches, lung problems and stomach pain.

If you are wanting to fill your diet with more antioxidants or help with some of the health issues listed here, try adding some more tumeric in your diet! The great things about spices is you can sneak them into a variety of dishes. What are you waiting? Head to the spice aisle!

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