You’re excited. Summer is on its way. The sunshine and longer days make summer an ideal time to spend nice times outdoors doing what you like most. But, you must take things slow and care for your body when enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

However, summers can become unbearably hot, forcing you to find a cooling diet to beat the heat. Some foods in your diet may not suit the current temperatures. So, you need to change your diet and consume lighter, cooler, and easy-to-digest foods.

With that in mind, here’s a list of foods that will keep you cool, happy, and full.

Green Vegetables

Having green, leafy vegetables like spinach and microgreens is not only nutritious but will help cool your body. Veggies have a high water content and are easy to digest. But, avoid overcooking them to prevent water loss. Also, cauliflower, a member of the family of cruciferous vegetables, has a high water content, making it a great summer meal.


Whether you take it sweet or sour, yogurt is a great addition to your summer diet. When it’s hot outside, taking frozen yogurt is the rescue you need. It is cooler, healthier, and has high water content. Yogurt is light and easy to digest, meaning your body will not have to work hard to break it down. Just make sure you choose yogurt that is healthy for you. Yogurt is often full of sugar and no better than a candy bar. Choose either a non-sweetened one that you add a natural sweetener too like honey or stevia and then add your own fruit. Frozen yogurt can be a great treat but remember, always watch the sugar.


Watermelon is about 92% water, making it the ultimate cooling fruit in summer. Melon is packed with vitamin A and C, high water content, antioxidants, and amino acids, thus making it a great low-calorie treat. There are many types of melons out there, so you don’t have a reason not to enjoy the fruit’s cooling effect.

Citrus Fruits

There are various citrus options, such as tangerines, mandarins, sweet oranges, or clementine. They provide super cooling effects due to their ability to break down fatty foods and help digestion, making your body work less, thus producing less heat.


You have a good reason to eat more avocados during the summer. These fruits have the highest monounsaturated acids that help remove toxins and cool the body. Since they are easy to digest, your body won’t require extra energy to digest them. Avocado is a highly versatile fruit; hence, you can use it as a smoothie, in truffles, or however you wish. Avocados also make a great low carb way to get good fats in and can be grilled with a bit of olive oil and finished with sea salt. They can also be stuffed with chicken or tuna salad as well for a complete meal.


Rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, and vitamin C, cucumbers have a cooling effect on your body. They have high water content, which helps cool off your body during summer, flushes out toxins, and aids digestion. The food also contains fiber, which helps prevent constipation. They also come from the watermelon family and are so easy to add to regular water to help it taste better and encourage you to drink more water!

Although it may seem tempting to take cold drinks or ice cream, these may not be healthy and could interfere with the body’s cooling mechanism. Avoid risking your health and talk with the experts. At SAVOR, we are dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious meals for every season.

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