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If you don’t feel well or know something just isn’t right in your body, it might be the foods you eat. 9 out of 10 people have food intolerances and don’t even know it.

What is a food intolerance? It’s different than food allergies (see the infographic). An intolerance is like putting a foreign object in your body. Imagine swallowing a penny.

Your body doesn’t know what to do with it. So if you’re intolerant to broccoli, it will cause your body to react. It could cause inflammation or toxins to build up leading to weight gain, bloating, a poor immune system, heartburn, dark circles under the eyes, and GI issues.

Unfortunately for many, those food intolerance symptoms are often identified as individual problems and treated as such, thus treating the symptoms and not the cause. So how do you know if you have a food intolerance?

The ALCAT Test is a great way to get those results.

This test is considered the “gold standard” laboratory method for identification of food intolerance and Savor Culinary is a provider.

Who takes the ALCAT Test? Anyone can benefit from an ALCAT test, since the majority of people unknowingly suffer from food intolerance symptoms.

However, the majority of our clients include professional athletes and sports teams. They use the ALCAT test to lose weight, have more energy and help their bodies perform at their peak!

Here’s How it Works:

  1. You will receive a test kit in the mail or it will be delivered if you’re local with complete instructions. It’s a non-fasting blood test that needs to be done at an Any Lab Test Now location or a mobile blood draw will be sent to you.
  2. The results will get sent directly to Savor Culinary for review and it will take 5-7 business days for it to be processed.
  3. You will receive a call requesting a 30 minute consult to go over the findings. Your results are strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than you. On the call you will review your results and be given a plan on how to easily implement these results into your life.
  4. A final packet with your findings and supporting material will be mailed to you shortly thereafter.

Mobile Blood draw option available in the checkout, it’s an extra $60.00. For a lab near you, go to

ALCAT Test Kit

ALCAT Test Kit

ALCAT Test Kit

ALCAT  Test Kit


100 foods test is for people who do not live to eat. They generally eat the same things every day.


ALCAT Test Kit


150 foods test is for the person who tends to eat the same things over again, but when you go out or travel, you experiment with foods occasionally.


ALCAT Test Kit


200 foods test is for people who have an adventurous palette and like to try all  kinds of foods.



“When you’re feeling off and not sure why, crazy things run through your mind. Rarely do you tie the ailments back to food unless there is a glaring reaction. When I was “off,” Savor had me take the ALCAT test.Low and behold, the list was long and distinguished. After applying what Savor told me to do, my ailments disappeared and my overall health improved.I was so happy with the results, I bought a kit for my 19 year old son who was away at college and not feeling well. Problems solved. Awareness and education are amazing. We both look at food and what it does to our bodies very differently now. Thank you, Savor!”- Kelly Lucente, CEO of Re-tool Marketing

“Knowing how my body uses food will give me the extra edge I need to stay above my game. I’ve already lost 20 pounds thanks to the ALCAT test.”-  DJ Fluker, San Diego Chargers

“My mom and I both took the food intolerance test after we had both started getting really sick no matter what it was that we were eating. Doctors couldn’t figure out why this was happening. I called Savor Culinary and they immediately recommended we get tested for food intolerances.We were hesitant, but we were out of options. When the results came back, they shocked us and made complete sense! We worked with Savor to put together a food plan that ultimately cleared up all of our symptoms.The best part is the food plan is something that not only cleared up the symptoms but educated us on how to substitute so we don’t feel like we are missing out. Thanks to Savor, we feel great, lost excess weight, and are healthier!”- Michelle Galaraza, Relationship and Dating Consultant at Michele G – Love Heals All



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