Do you know all of the health benefits of the food you eat on a day-to-day basis? At Savor Culinary Services, we believe in culinary medicine, or the ability to aid others with physical and mental ailments in feeling like their “normal selves,” or as close to this as they can be.

A huge part of what we do in our work at Savor is understanding client’s health goals and dietary restrictions to ensure they’re eating the best foods possible to maintain their overall health – while enjoying the food they’re consuming every day! 

Our professional chefs have spent a lot of time learning all about the many health benefits that different foods contain, and we’d love to share with you some of the most beneficial ones that can easily be added into your diet to promote better well-being.

Here are 5 Foods with Unexpected Health Benefits

1. Cinnamon 

One spice we can’t get enough of is cinnamon! While typically known as a topper to the traditional pumpkin spice latte, cinnamon can be used in many other dishes and holds a variety of benefits.

Cinnamon is known to be antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial due to the essential oils found in the bark it’s produced from, which is called cinnamaldehyde. Additionally cinnamon, like other spices, has prebiotic properties, meaning it can positively support digestive health and aid in removing bacteria from the gut.

Even more notably, cinnamon is known in managing blood sugar, in addition to lowering risk of diabetes, specifically type two diabetes. Enjoy cinnamon in your coffee, tea, baked treats, and many other dishes. We love to add cinnamon in our delectable desserts for the flavor and the benefits. 

2. Ginger

Ginger is another spice with a notable amount of health benefits. And one thing that many individuals don’t know about Ginger is its ability to aid in fighting off chronic diseases. Some of these include heart disease, lung disease, and high blood pressure.

Additionally it is known to promote better looking skin and can even reduce pain. Ginger is also known for helping to reduce stubborn belly fat. You can enjoy ginger in bread, sauces, the famous Ginger Ale, and even tea. 

3. Cayenne Pepper

Were you surprised that this one made the list? Cayenne pepper is great for increasing blood circulation and reducing plaque buildup in arteries. Additionally it can improve digestion and Aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

Because cayenne is so spicy, it’s understood you may not want to eat it alone! Try adding small quantities into soups, eggs, hummus, or even hot chocolate and lemonade for a twist on a classic drink!

4. Basil

While basil is typically known for its delicious taste and fresh smell, it is another great dish when it comes to health benefits. Basil is great for treating stomach problems such as loss of appetite, gas, constipation, and overall better digestion. 

Basil is even known for being one of the best at home treatments for kidney stones! Additionally, it is known to promote better looking skin, diabetes management, and fight depression.

Basil is very versatile, making it a great addition to any meal. From Caprese salad to sauces to tea, and many pasta dishes, basil is one of the most versatile herbs on the market!

5. Mint

Mint is great for adding a little extra flavor to some of your favorite dishes. Meant is rich in nutrients and is known for improving Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 

Mint is also believed to improve brain function, increase alertness, decrease fatigue, all while relieving cold symptoms! Mint is a great addition to any diet, and is even a quick add. You can use it in salad, pesto, salsa, pasta, and so much more!

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