At SAVOR, we hold our personal chef clients very dear to us, and when you start our services you instantly become a part of our SAVOR family. Today I wanted to share the amazing story of one of our dearest clients,  Laurie (with her permission) and how SAVOR has helped change her life.

When I first met Laurie she had breast, brain and liver cancer. Doctors were just trying to keep her alive. Needless to say, her quality of life was low and consisted of spending time in bed and going back and forth to doctor appointments. Laurie really wanted to be traveling with her husband, but her health was just not good enough.

Laurie called me up one day and wanted help improving her quality of life. Along with one of our nutritionists, we helped Laurie change her diet and taught her how the body uses food. We taught her that when you starve the body of sugar, you are essentially starving the cancer. Along with her husband and mother-in-law, we gave them a grocery store tour where we helped her shop for new foods like low glycemic fruits and vegetables and organic food items.

We also taught her how to get proper nourishment after treatments when she wasn’t feeling so well. We also showed Laurie and her family that they could find healthy alternatives to their favorite family meals. They didn’t have to compromise on taste or their health!

One day, when I was delivering food, her husband gave me a big hug and thanked me “for giving me my wife back.” I was completely touched and didn’t know what to say.

Within a month or so, doctors were reducing her treatments and asked her what she had done. Laurie told them about her new eating habits and how it was improving her health. She continued working with us and she gained the weight she needed and eventually was able to go on vacation and travel with her husband. It was amazing to see how her quality of life changed through the power of food.

Have you recently been diagnosed with a health condition, food allergy or other dietary restriction?  We can help!