Cheana knows you can't get results like these when you cheat on your diet.

Guest Post: Dave Fannin, owner of the Body Firm in Fort Worth

I was looking out for one BIG lesson over the holiday weekend for my weight loss clients.

I learned pretty quickly…

“If YOU don’t think your goals are important, NO ONE else is going to think they’re important either”

When you’re going to all these holiday parties, It’s going to be nearly impossible to stay on track if you aren’t committed and you may even have to grow some thick skin.

The food pushers are out in force during the holidays.

You know what I’m talking about… “Taste these cookies!” “I got you this tower of chocolate for Christmas!” “Here’s a dish that you have to try…I made it myself, with extra lard!”

Unfortunately, the holidays are a time when food pushing is not only accepted, but it’s almost expected.

Don’t  give in, and end up gaining 5-10 pounds of fat this holiday season, arm yourself with these 5 ways to stop food pushers in their tracks:

Food Push #1: “Try this new treat I made, you’ll love it!”

I’m Stuffed Response: “That looks delicious,I wish that I had room right now, but I’m stuffed.”

Why being stuffed works: Your food pusher can’t counter your statement about being full. If they persist, then let them know that having one more bite would push you over the brink of being uncomfortably full. Works every time.

Food Push #2: “I know this dish is your favorite! Hand me your plate.”

Stalling Response: “I really can’t wait to try some in a little bit.”

Why stalling works: You didn’t directly turn down the pusher’s offer, so they feel that they’ve won and will likely drop the subject.

Later you may decide that you want a small portion of the offered food, or you may decide to skip it, the decision is yours.

Food Push #3: “Take these treats and leftovers home!”

Take a Break from Cooking Response: “Thanks, but I want you to keep the food so that you can take a break from all the cooking you’ve been doing.”

Why saying they’ll get a break from cooking works: Every good host wants to send their guests home with something, but given the
option they’d really love to have leftovers for themselves. Compliment their cooking and let them know that you think they deserve a break over the next few days, then stick with your clean eating plan.

Food Push #4: “You are obsessed with dieting. Just take a break today.”

Thank You For Noticing Response: “Thank you for noticing all of the changes I’ve been making! It’s not easy, but I’m on track with my goals and it’s all worth it. Your support means a lot.”

Why saying thank you works: True, the dieting comment was possibly made passive-aggressively, but you are free to take it as a compliment.

Here’s the deal. Seeing you make healthier choices may be intimidating for friends and family, so approach the subject with understanding rather than defensiveness. Your good habits may even
rub off!

Food Push #5: “I only make this dish once a year – you MUST eat some!”

I Want to Live Long Response: “Wow, that looks amazing! I’m going to skip it this year so that I can live to see many more wonderful holidays with you.”

Why wanting to live long works: When said with good humor, this drives home a serious point. You are eating healthy so that you will be around for many more holidays to come to enjoy with your loved ones. No one can deny the importance of this!

Take control of your eating this holiday season.

And don’t ever let other people especially food pushers decide what you’re going to eat.

By stating the above responses politely  but firmly you’ll be able to eat fewer calories and will avoid the typical holiday fat gains in order to start the New Year off right!

Remember that exercise is just as important as healthy eating when it comes to achieving your fat loss and fitness goals.

During the next few weeks it’s more important than ever to stick with a regular, challenging exercise program.

You’ll eat cleaner and feel better when you do.


I love how practical his advice is because I have been in situations like this before. These responses already spelled out for you, gives you no excuse to give in now, right? 🙂

Food is just one way you can stay fit and healthy this holiday season but you can’t forget to exercise! This has a been a big goal of mine. I eat healthy foods, but I haven’t been exercising as regularly as I need to. I started training at the Body Firm and it’s only been a couple months so far but I have already seen amazing results. I’ve dropped weight and I’m feeling so much better.

Dave has extended a special offer to you guys, a 12 Week Transformation Program so take advantage of it! His program includes unique training, specifically designed nutrition for your body and goals, recipes, meal plans, grocery lists and mindset coaching strategies. He has spots to train 9 ladies but they go quick, so make sure to use the link below to sign up!


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