I don’t often share the health journey of my clients on a blog, but with his permission, I am sharing the story of a dear man named Jim who I had the pleasure of working with this past year. I asked him if he would be willing to share in his own words, his experience because I think he says it best! In sharing this, I hope that you find inspiration as we are all on a journey to a healthier, happier life!

” Chef Deb! What can I say? After a year of working out with a personal trainer five times a week I weighed the same as I did before I walked into the gym. After a year of no progress and thousands of dollars spent I was beyond frustrated that after a year I saw no change in size. After finding out about Dr. Anthony Lyssy at Diamond Physicians and the work that he’s done with Equinox clients, I made an appointment with Deb. I had a couple of very intense metabolic and food allergy tests done. With that we found out that metabolically no matter what I was doing, I was essentially spinning my wheels. I had very severe adrenal fatigue and I found out that I was on the wrong diet plan for my needs. After meeting with Deb she also pointed out that I had a severe candida problem as well and helped tailor a diet plan for me that works like gangbusters.

Deb taught me how to eat to get the most nutritional punch and also streamlined a diet plan for me with all of the issues I had. I went grocery shopping with her and  finally after decades I learned how to read and decipher nutritional labels. I understood how and what fruits and vegetables will work best with me, what proteins would compliment my plan, frequency of eating and what to have, when, and why. The thing that I also learned is that just because it’s in Whole Foods doesn’t mean it’s healthy!

I now have a team of people today working with me to reach and live healthy and Chef Deb is a one hell of a coach in my corner. I have a trainer, I did metabolic tests, I also have a doctor that I work with as well. After taking a couple months off from working out of frustration I got back in the groove. With Deb’s knowledge and help I dropped 12 pounds in the first month alone! Today, I am down 40 pounds from where I started six months ago. The most important thing that is key to all of my success is diet. Period. I am grateful for the knowledge and the experience of working with her. She goes above and beyond for her clients and she cares!”

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