After your carve a pumpkin, do you toss the pumpkin seeds? Most people don’t know what to do with them, but they can actually be used in a lot of different ways! If you just throw them away, you are also missing out on some great health benefits! Pumpkin seeds contain heart-healthy magnesium, zinc to boost your immune system, plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties and tryptophan which is a protein that helps produce the “sleep hormone.”

So it turns out these seeds pack a lot of nutrition and is a great food to incorporate into your diet.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use pumpkin seeds:

Garnish on Soup 

Since roasted pumpkin seeds have a nice crunch, they compliment a creamy Fall soup perfectly. Their fiber and protein make them a great addition to any meal really!

Blend in Hummus

If you love hummus, try adding them into the food processor with chickpeas for an extra nutty flavor!

Add to Salads

We love adding pepitas to autumn salads. They are a great crunchy alternative to carb-heavy croutons! They pair nicely

Include in Baked Goods

Whether you are baking bread, muffins or cookies, add a little Fall to the mix and swap out regular nuts for these instead!

Use as “Breading” for Meat or Fish

Crushed pumpkin seeds make a great, flavorful crust for meat like fish or lamb and is definitely a healthier option than breadcrumbs you’d find at the store. Here’s a  lamb recipe you can try!

Mix in Granola or Energy Bites

We make our own granola at Savor and occasionally we like to throw in some pumpkin seeds for some added nutrition! Flavor your granola with honey and cinnamon and you’ve got the perfect fall granola. They also make a great, lean-muscle building addition to no-bake energy bites!

Make Your Own Butter

If you like seed-based butters, then why not make your own? It only requires a handful ingredients and a food processor! Here’s a recipe you can make!

Whip Up Some Pesto

Transform ordinary pesto into something a little more Fall-inspired, by adding in some pepitas to the mix! You don’t have to use pesto for just pasta sauces, we use pesto for roasted veggie wraps, sandwiches and to add flavor to vegetables.

Mix into Your Favorite Guacamole 

Next time you whip up your favorite batch of guacamole, mix in some roasted seeds for some added texture and crunch!

Now that you know some of our favorite ways to use pumpkin seeds, why not try putting them to good use this Fall?