Want to know our Fort Worth food story? Well, a couple weeks ago, we celebrated 17 whole years of being in business!

We like to think we offered meal delivery “before it was cool” and wasn’t a buzzword yet. It has been quite the experience making meals for all different families and dietary needs for as long as we have!

What’s the number one thing we want people to know after being in business for 17 years? That food is not a one-size-fits-all. It’s one thing to cook healthy, delicious meals- it’s another to create meals that are tailored to your lifestyle, health goals/challenges and nutritional needs and taste preferences.

Not one diet works universally for everyone, because our bodies are all different. That’s why we feel so grateful to be trusted with something so personal!

Since we’ve been reflecting on our start and journey over the years, we thought it’d be a great time to share the Fort Worth Food Stories podcast we were featured on recently!

James Creange of the Culinary School of Fort Worth had us sit down and chat about our local Fort Worth business. We talked about how Savor got its start, what makes us different, the challenges of running such a personalized service, how we plan our menus, and life changing stories about food, and much more.

So whether you’ve been following us for years or you’ve just now discovered us, you’ll want to have a listen! You might even discover something you never knew about us before or be surprised to know we go beyond delivering healthy meals!

We had such a great time chatting with the CSFW and want to thank them for inviting us onto their podcast, and helping us share our unique story! We feel especially grateful to have a small business in such a supportive, Fort Worth food-loving community!

We know that our success couldn’t happen without each one of you, so THANK YOU!