It’s time for New Year’s resolutions – new goals and new hope for the future. In 2017, we had the honor of adding over 100 new families to our roster in the Dallas/Fort Worth community! We had about three different types of families we served this year. Some were busy families looking for an easier and faster way to get healthy meals on their table, others were concerned with special dietary needs who wanted their food to still taste amazing and have enough variety. While others wanted help eating better so they could heal from various health ailments.

At Savor, we love the variety of families we get to cook for on a daily basis, it’s what keeps things exciting!

In order to cook our meals with the freshest ingredients possible, we started sourcing many of our meats from Niman Ranch,  a company that is devoted to providing all natural, humanely-raised meats. We also made it a priority to collaborate with more local food artisans such as the The Virgin Olive Oiler, Salty Pig Sausage Co. and Wild Toad Toffee.

In addition to all the customized meals we made for practically every dietary need/preference under the sun, it would seem that our catering was pretty well liked too!

This year, we were voted “Best Caterer” by Fort Worth Magazine readers! That was a huge honor.

As I really think about what I want for Savor in the coming year, I think about how we can serve our clients and future clients better, how we can make our food more delicious, how we can elevate our brand and most importantly how we can collaborate with our amazing community.

In the coming year, we will be working with more local food artisans to support our wonderful town of Fort Worth. We will also be elevating our staff and the hands that prepare your food. I have already hired more professional chefs from the Culinary School of Fort Worth who will bring you more flavors, experience and techniques that will make our meals even tastier!

We expanded our connection with concierge doctors and integrative medicine practitioners who understand the important role that food plays in your overall health. We hope to make “culinary medicine” more mainstream in 2018. One way we are doing that is creating a booklet with quick reference guides that show you how to use food as medicine.

This has been a year of huge growth and lessons learned and a lot of networking in our community. I have a feeling 2018 will be our best year yet! Cheers to New Year’s resolutions!

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