Have you given one too many stuffed bears and heart-shaped candy to your Valentine year after year? If you’re needing some new Valentine’s Day gift ideas, we have the perfect gift that your significant other will be sure to love! (yes ladies, a gift that even he will like – why is it so hard to shop for men?)

We are giving away a free bottle of JCB No. 69 sparkling wine when you purchase a Savor gift certificate of any price! This bottle of wine is perfect for Valentine’s Day because it is known for it’s “sensual” taste. It’s made from the pinot noir grape variety from Burgundy, France. It has vibrant aromas of raspberry and red currant which evolve into aromatic jammy notes. It’s tender in the mouth but has crisp flavors. It would be the perfect way to start off a romantic night and to end on a delicious note!

A little tip – it tastes best when you serve it at a temperature of 40-45 degrees F.

Not only do you get a complementary bottle of world-class sparkling wine, but you also get a discount on our gift certificates so you can give the gift of customized meals! Give  your significant other a break from cooking or a chance to have their favorite meal prepared by a professional chef!

We offer a variety of gift certificates and you can even customize the amount you want to give. The best part is that you don’t even have to put pants on and leave your house if you don’t want to! Just order on our website and the gift certificate will get sent to your email where you can then customize it and then print it off to surprise your sweetheart with!

We hope that your Valentine’s Day is filled with lots of romance, good wine and food!


xoxo Savor