Many of you are kicking off the new year with our Nosh juice cleanses. Bravo to you!  A cleanse might be just the thing to help you fit back into your skinny jeans after the holidays.

A lot of you have been asking me what you should do to prepare for a cleanse, so I have a few tips. Before you even start a cleanse, it is best to consult your doctor, especially if you are on medication, have a severe illness or are pregnant.

We recommend that you start preparing for your detox about a week ahead if possible.

Eat whole foods- Stock your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables and start enjoying Mother Nature’s gift to you!

Drink tea like a Brit! – We highly recommend pairing herbal tea with your cleanse, and it’s a good idea to start drinking it beforehand. Herbs aid in the cleansing process.

Drink plenty of water-  Before your cleanse, get in a habit of drinking more water. It is possible to become dehydrated on a cleanse if you only drink the juices. Too many of our clients forget to drink water during their cleanse because they think the juice is enough. It’s not.

Eliminate Junk- About a week before, do your best to eliminate processed foods, especially dairy and sugar.

Exercise- Get your body moving! It’s a natural way we detox. Find some time to work up a sweat to get all the junk out! When you’re on the cleanse, we suggest a very light exercise regime. With little calories, it is best to take it easy and let your body relax as it repairs itself.

Buy Bath Salts-Your energy levels might eb and flow while on your cleanse, so make sure to set aside some R & R time. Take a bath and include some bath salts. They help draw toxins from your bodies and are soothing.

I want to cover a few things you can expect when you’re doing a cleanse. It’s important to not only be physically prepared but mentally prepared as well.

You will probably get hungry- When you’re on a cleanse, you are decreasing your caloric intake, so it’s only natural that your stomach will grumble and you’ll feel a little hungry. We’ve had some people complain about this and others feel just fine, it’s really an individual thing.

You might feel moody-We all know that being “hangry” is a real thing. When you’re releasing toxins you might feel a little irritable and grumpy. That is normal. Part of making changes to your body.

Your skin might glow- This is one of the benefits that many of our clients have. They say their skin just radiates! For others, they break out. If it’s any consolation, that is just a sign that the cleanse is doing what it’s supposed to!

You’ll drop a few pounds- On average, our clients lose about 3-4 pounds on a cleanse. Their tummies get flatter and they just feel lighter! No one can complain about that.

The point is, everyone has a completely individual experience with a cleanse. Their bodies react in different ways, but it’s good to be mentally prepared for what might come.

We are so proud of all you who will be starting a cleanse. It’s not always easy, but the more you do it the easier it will become. If you’re interested to see what others’ experience has been, go check out Stephanie’s blog post on her 6-day cleanse.

Please remember that you can call us or email us anytime and we will offer you support along the way!