One area of medicine that’s made leaps and bounds over the last decade is gut health. An unhealthy gut can adversely affect the rest of our health. Research has shown that our digestive tracts are full of beneficial bacteria, creating a living “microbiome” that serves our bodies in a whole host of ways. (Like providing us with important nutrients and preventing infection.) Whether or not you have dietary restrictions, a healthy gut is important!

However, to reap the many benefits from the symbiotic relationship we have with our microbiota, first, we have to be good hostesses. 

3 Ways to support a healthy digestive system


We’ve all heard the “probiotics” buzzword in recent years. Probiotics are simply foods (or supplements) that contain healthy bacteria. In other words, they bring more bacteria to the intestinal party. Incorporating probiotics regularly into your diet can help regulate more than just your digestive tract! Here are a few tips and considerations when looking for common probiotics:

Yogurt: Watch sugar content! We like to start with plain yogurt and sweeten it ourselves with fruit or a drizzle of honey or date syrup.

Kombucha: This fermented tea is chock-full of probiotics. Read your labels, though. Kombucha can sometimes be sugary or even contain up to 5% alcohol. (Yes, like a beer.)

Fermented vegetables: When picking up fermented veggies, like sauerkraut or kimchi, be sure to find them in the refrigerated section. Pasteurization and canning kill all of our friendly bacteria!


Any good hostess knows how to feed a crowd. The bacteria in your digestive tract feed on prebiotics – fiber-rich foods that your microbiome loves to eat. Some of our favorite prebiotics include bananas, sweet potatoes, asparagus, apples, oats, leeks, and garlic. 


Water is another important element of maintaining a healthy gut. Good hydration aids in the absorption of nutrients and can help things move along the digestive tract. It’s also a natural aid to the bacteria in your gut. Make sure you’re getting adequate hydration every day with plain water or other low-sugar, non-alcoholic beverages.

Maintaining a healthy digestive system is essential to any healthy lifestyle. The best part? We already include gut-friendly foods into our menus, no matter what your dietary restrictions! We offer house-fermented kimchi and veggies, lots of high-fiber vegetable options and fresh juices and house-made paleo lemonades to keep you hydrated.

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