Holidays can be stressful for those who want to enjoy a meal with family and friends while also sticking to their diet. In turn, this can lead to a lot of unwarranted anxiety and panic.

Whether you are following a certain diet due to allergies, health issues, indigestion, or personal preference, there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy the day with those who mean the most to you. We’re here to reassure you that there are steps you can take to make Easter dinner more bearable.

Here are some ways to enjoy Easter dinner while sticking to your diet! 

Portion control

One thing you’ve likely heard time and time again is the importance of portion control. This is the key to enjoying holidays while sticking to your diet – eat small portions like you would at home, without straying from your normal food groups. 

A small portion of ham and vegetables, in addition to a side salad is a great way to still eat with family while also making sure you are sticking to your goals. This way, your day can still be full of the Easter traditions you know and love, without compromising your health!

Remember Your Motivation

Your motivation for staying consistent should come from your reasoning for starting. Whether you are trying to keep your allergies under control, manage your weight, or eat a diet specific to your values, remember your reason for starting!

While you can’t expect to be perfect all of the time when dieting, staying motivated is a great way to stay on track. Sometimes, your motivation can even help others get motivated to eat better as well.

Enlist moral support

Another way to enjoy your upcoming Easter holiday is to enlist support. Whether this is from a relative or a friend, having someone to share progress with and help you stay consistent is a great asset in sticking to your diet. 

Sometimes, you may even be able to find someone to join in on your efforts with you, which can make the process that much better. This way, you can meal prep and plan together, work out, and even share tips you’ve found to be helpful, or unsuccessful. 

Always come prepared

Many times, we go to family dinner, assuming there will be options for us to eat. When there isn’t, that’s when temptation rolls in. Be sure to come prepared with a dish that aligns with your goals. This will ensure that you will have something to eat, and limit your temptation to eat something else.

This is another great way to expand other’s horizons when it comes to food! If you bring a plant-based, gluten free, or keto meal, others may be tempted to taste it, and turn out pleasantly surprised with it.

At Savor Culinary Services, we pride ourselves on helping our clients eat healthier or accommodate a certain dietary restriction, allergy, with prepared meal delivery, customized and dropped off right on your doorstep. We also offer catering in the form of pop-up dinners at our storefront, seated, plated meals at your locations, or a buffet with/without servers, depending on your needs. Need some Easter dinner meals to help your efforts of sticking to your diet? We can help!

Contact us today to get started on a healthier, more convenient life customized to your needs!