What Makes our Award-Winning Meal Delivery Different? Savor Culinary Services

There are a plethora of prepared meal delivery companies popping up everywhere. More and more companies are realizing that people want healthy food in a more convenient way. While everyone else is just now jumping on the prepared meal delivery train, this is something that we’ve been doing for 15 years now and have been honored to win multiple awards for including “Best Chef” and “Best Catering” by the readers of Fort Worth Texas Magazine. We have made customized meals for nearly 5,000 individuals and families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area so we like to think we’ve got this thing down to a science!

So what makes our prepared meal delivery different than others you see? We’d love to share with you a little bit more about what makes us special and keeps people coming back for more!

Complete customization – We are proud to offer our clients complete customization of their service. The sky is pretty much the limit with us, because when it comes to the food you eat, we know that one size does not fit all. Whether you’re a family of 5 who needs to eat gluten free, an athlete who needs fully balanced and nutrition meals or an older couple with diabetes,  we set up a service that works for your lifestyle and family dynamics and puts your health as our top priority.

Some of the reasons people start a service is because of a new baby, they are recovering from a surgery and need a specific diet, they are wanting to lose weight, they want to get rid of candida, they want to better control their diabetes, they want eat vegan and vegetarian food that tastes good, they are tired of shopping for hard-to-find ingredients for.  or even if they just want to eat healthier without the headache.

To give you an even better idea of the extent of customization that we offer, sometimes the families we cook for request gluten-free for one family member, vegetarian for the other, and Paleo meals for the rest of the family. The possibilities are endless with us!

No menu limitations – Because we tailor your meals to your dietary needs and preferences, you don’t have to worry about being limited to certain meals week after week. There are no pre-set meals you have to choose from, instead we craft a new menu just for you each service and then send it to you ahead of time for approval. Once you view the menu, you can request changes or approve it. That is the beauty of our service, you get the personal touch because we get to know our clients’ needs on a whole other level!

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner AND dessert – While most prepared meal delivery services only offer healthy dinners, we go beyond that. Maybe you are a stay at home mom who would like to have a healthy breakfast you can grab before you take the kids to school. Or maybe you are a busy professional who needs lunches packed for work. We understand that all of us have days where we need a “cheat meal” too. That’s why if you’re craving one of your favorite sweets but you know it will ruin your health goals, we can make your favorite desserts, just with a healthier twist! Or if you’re an athlete who needs to maintain your calories or you just get hungry, we can make healthy snacks for you to have throughout the day!

Locally, sourced ingredients – If you are a local, you probably know about all of the great local produce/meat in our area! We know that a huge part of what makes our meals taste so great, are the fresh, locally sourced ingredients we use. You’ll see things on your menu made with things like Cooper Farm peaches or Niman Ranch grass-fed beef. We are even excited to share that we are now using The Virgin Olive Oiler here in Fort Worth, to . We know that local is best and we know that it gives our clients’ peace of mind knowing where their ingredients come from.

Meals are delivered right to your fridge –  Unlike most meal companies, the meals we make for you show up right in your fridge! We have a great delivery driver who personally delivers your meals all over Dallas/Fort Worth and puts them in your fridge so when you come home or are ready to eat, you have them right there, staying nice and cool.

Meals are ready to heat and eat – No need to chop vegetables, cook meats or get your pots and pans dirty, they are already ready to heat in the oven and enjoy! All of our clients receive special reheating/cooking instructions with each service to help you heat the food so that it maintains quality and taste.

We offer multiple container options – If you’d prefer glass containers over BPA-free plastic containers, we offer both options for our clients. Both options are oven safe and do not leach any chemicals or toxins into your food so you don’t have to worry about the heating process hurting the nutritional value of your food.

Easy, fast communication – Whenever you have a question or concern about your service, we try to make ourselves readily available. A lot of our clients are trying to reach certain health goals or recover from an illness or surgery so we like to stay in touch to know if you are seeing results and if we need to make any adjustments to your service. We also know that things come up, so if you are going out of town or don’t need a service that week you can easily contact us to let us know.

We like to feed your pets – When you fill out a food questionnaire, we ask what kind of pets you have. We do this because we like to pamper your pets as much as we like to pamper you! We know that if you care about the food you’re eating, then you probably want healthier food for your pet, more than what they can get in packaged food.

These are just some of the these things make Savor Culinary Services special!

If you’re curious about what other people have experienced with our prepared meal delivery? You can read these client stories and see how we helped change their lives and health for the better!