Every Easter, the hard boiled eggs come out. Some people use them for dying while others just eating them and Easter is a good excuse to eat more! Either way, I am always left with a lot of leftover hard boiled eggs that I don’t know what to do with and that I would prefer not to waste. If you’d like to put your leftover hard boiled eggs to good use this year, then I’ve got some ideas for you!

1. Use them in salads 

Hard-boiled eggs make an excellent addition to a variety of salads including green salads and pasta salads. Dice up the eggs or thinly slice them for some added protein in a cobb salad or quinoa salads.

2.  Use them in soups 

It seems like an odd thing to add hard-boiled eggs in a hot soup, but they are pretty dang good! They taste great in pork, chicken and beef ramen soups, leek soup and even miso soup.

3. Use on avocado toast

Who doesn’t love avocado toast?! Avocado pairs perfectly with eggs so this is a match made in heaven! You can finely chop and then “mush” the hard boiled eggs to make them into more of an egg salad or just slice them into circles and add them on top of the avocado! Just dust with paprika and you’ve got yourself a breakfast or snack of champions.

4. Use in Stir Fry/Rice 

Take your stir fry to the next level by adding in chopped hard-boiled eggs. The egg will soak up the amazing flavors of the stir fry. Of course, rice and egg go great together as well so fry up some rice in a pan and add some chopped eggs into the mix!  Add them in at the very end so they do not overcook and become too rubbery.

5. Use in Cooked Greens

Hard-boiled eggs complement bitter greens such as spinach or Swiss chard! Just cook in olive oil and salt in a pan and add in the chopped eggs and any other seasonings you like.

Now you have no excuses to throw those hard-boiled eggs away! Want to make some deviled eggs out of your hard boiled eggs? Go check out our guest blog post on Fort Worth Texas Magazine’s Bon Appetit blog where we share a Shrimp, Jalapeno and Cilantro Deviled Egg recipe.