If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve probably heard that the founder of the Alkaline Diet, “Dr.” Robert O. Young is facing a 3 year prison sentence after being convicted last year of practicing medicine without a license. According to the BBC, he bought his medical license from a correspondence school. He wrote the book the “The pH Miracle” and in this book he claimed that diseases are caused by acidity in the blood.  Business Insider shares that the idea behind this diet is that acidity in your body is caused by eating certain foods such as meats, grains and sugar which can lead to health problems like muscle loss, back pain and bone loss.

While we all know these foods are best in moderation, numerous studies have pointed out that foods actually have very little impact on your blood pH levels. Food might affect the acidity of your kidneys, but not your actual blood pH level. Your kidneys naturally work hard to maintain healthy blood pH levels.

Back in 2011, Robert O. Young hosted a “pH Miracle Ranch” where he had several cancer patients staying there, where he administered an alkaline treatment, which mostly consisted of baking soda given intravenously. After one cancer patient was there for three months, she was taken to the hospital and died at age 27 and others did not not outlive their prognosis.

Celebrities like Kate Hudson and Tom Brady are vocal about being on the alkaline diet, but is the diet as controversial as its founder?Yes and no. Research about this diet is mixed, but the pros of this diet is that it encourages you to eat foods higher in antioxidants, cut out grains and refined sugar which we could all benefit from eating less calories and eating less sugary foods.

At Savor, we care most about making sure our clients have a healthy balance. Moderation in all things, right? That is one reason why we have a certified nutritionist on our team to provide us with the right knowledge and background to help promote your optimal health through healthy meals and make sure that each

This recent news is a great reminder to not just try a new fad diet because your favorite celebrity is doing it, but to do what is best for your body.

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