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At Savor Culinary Services, we help you live your best life
through the power of delicious, elevated, healing food.

Personalized Chef Services and
Catering in the DFW Area

Whether you need weekly personalized meals for your family or an experienced award-winning caterer who will deliver an extraordinary experience for your guests, the Savor team is here to help. Have unique dietary needs? No problem. We specialize in crafting memorable cuisine that accommodates any food allergies and special requests.


We create and deliver personalized menus and dishes based on your family’s tastes, preferences, and special dietary needs.


Elevate your events, dinner parties, and special occasions. We’ll ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the food.

In-Flight Catering

We help corporate and private flight crews deliver an incredible, customized culinary experience at 40,000+ feet.


Savor Culinary Services was created in 2002 by Chef Deb Cantrell, who trained at the Culinary Institute of America, the Culinary Business Academy, and the Culinary School of Fort Worth. Originally a licensed physical therapist, Chef Deb was inspired to switch careers (and, ultimately, start Savor) after her son was diagnosed with numerous health problems at age 2 that she found were improved (and triggered) by his diet. 

Two decades later, Savor has now worked with thousands of clients across the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and we have remained true to our mission – to give time and joy back to those we serve through food, allowing them to ENJOY delicious meals and events, regardless of any diagnoses or food allergies.

“I did not think anyone would be able to give me so much variety and make everything taste so good with such limited ingredients….due to my SEVERE food allergies.”

April F. – allergic to wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, chicken and beef, with Candida issues