Between a pretty fierce cold and flu season as well as COVID-19 on everybody’s minds, people are coming into spring ready to spring into action. Before you run out and stock up on toilet paper, one thing we can all be a little more proactive with when it comes to preventing and handling illness, is making sure you have a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system not only helps prevent illness but can also minimize the length and severity of symptoms, and, perhaps more importantly, prevent the illness from progressing into a more serious infection. So what makes a strong immune system? Where can we start?

There is No Single Answer

The answer isn’t exactly cut and dry. We’d love to tell you to take a pill and everything will be fine, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. At least, not yet. Our immune systems are just that: intricate, complicated whole¬†systems. There are a lot of working parts that keep it in tip-top shape. We like to take a big-picture approach.

Lifestyle Matters

Before we get into the culinary aspects of immunity, we’d like to stress the importance that a healthy lifestyle plays in overall health, including a strong immune system. The non-dietary contributors include getting enough exercise, sleeping well and no smoking. Maintaining generally good hygiene also helps.

How Healthy Meals Can help

Healthy meals, hand holding yogurt and granola

When it comes to diet, while there is no single answer, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. We know that a balanced diet that provides a variety of nutrients helps support a strong immune system. In other words, eat your veggies! Make sure to incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet to make sure you cover the whole spectrum of macro and micronutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.

Studies have begun to show that gut health and probiotics are also important to keep your immune system strong. In addition to increasing the good bacteria in your GI system, feeding those bacteria is also part of the equation. What do they eat? Fiber! A diet high in fiber a happy microbiome does make.

Our healthy meals include high-fiber, nutrient-dense ingredients like sweet potato “noodles,” manuka honey, and all the vegetables you can you eat. For an added boost of probiotics, ask about our house-made fermented vegetables.

To get started, fill out a food questionnaire to tell us about your preferences and any dietary needs we can accommodate. Or – give us a call!