Whether you are planning to hike a new trail or visit the Fort Worth Zoo or even hang out in your own backyard, there is something about eating outdoors that always brings a smile to everyone’s face.  That settles it, take the next chance you get to spread a blanket out under a tree and make some new family memories.

Picnic Food

You’ll want to pack things that are portable and easily divisible. Avoid anything that needs to stay hot (like soups), or any dishes that will lose their appeal if they sit for too long (soggy sandwiches anyone?) In fact if you can bring along the separate pieces of a dish and assemble it right before eating, this may even work better. For the kids, finger foods are the best.  Just don’t forget the Handi Wipes!  Still wondering what to bring? We’ve gathered some great kid-friendly recommendations.

Worried about food allergies? Here are some specialized recipe ideas:

Don’t Forget Food safety

  • Keep Cool: Bring extra ice, and try not to leave your cooler in the direct sun. If you aren’t absolutely certain that your food will stay well-chilled before you get to eat it, do yourself a favor and leave potentially hazardous things like eggs, milk, and mayo at home.
  • Keep Clean: Make sure to pre-wash fruits & veggies, and wash you hands when you arrive before preparing any food. If you’re grilling, bring separate plates for raw vs cooked meats.

Picnic Basket Checklist

Since you’ll be eating outdoors, so you’ll need to bring everything with you. Even the condiments. Sometimes it helps to have a checklist that helps you organize your thoughts.

  • Quality Blanket
  • Picnic Basket – Cooler/ Ice Packs – Leak-free Tupperware
  • Reusable Flatware, Plates, Cups
  • Napkins
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Trash Bag
  • Water/ Re-usable Water Bottles
  • Sun Screen/ Bug Repellent

Picnic Games

Instead of worrying over bugs, bring an insect guide and a magnifying glass.  See how many you can identify.  Trade the gameboys in for a frisbee or soccer ball…choose a game the whole family can play.

  • Bring a radio and dance in the sunshine
  • Play twister, you can fall over into the grass
  • Practice your yoga moves
  • Have wheelbarrow races
  • Have a water balloon toss
  • Play Frisbee
  • Fly a kite

More picnic games…

Ready to head out but don’t know where to go? Try these excellent outdoor spots.

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