Have you always wanted to host Thanksgiving but it seems too overwhelming? Or have you hosted in the past and it was a disaster? We’ve got a Thanksgiving checklist to help make sure your feast goes as well as you hoped. After all,  some days it’s hard enough figuring out what to cook for 2-4 people and this time of the year comes along and WHAM! You are magically expected to cook for 8-12 people.  Dare we mention that this isn’t your everyday food and its practically an experiment in most families homes each year?  Seriously, it results in more residential fires from failed turkey attempts than any other day of the year!

We fully understand the stress that comes with hosting, so we put together a little something to help eliminate some of the unknowns.

If cooking Thanksgiving dinner seems like an impossible feat due to scheduling  or your families dietary restrictions make cooking for the masses more stressful than you would like Thanksgiving to be; let us simplify the holidays for you ( a.k.a. we’ll do the cooking).


  • Get your Thanksgiving decorations out. Look for great post-Halloween deals on artificial pumpkins, pumpkin art, and fall-colored decorations
  • Call, write, email your friends and family to confirm the guest list
  • Write out your meal plan, taking into consideration any special dietary needs of your guests
  • Order or purchase your turkey and put it in the freezer
    • Pro Tip: Double check that the bird will fit in your freezer
  • Make sure that you have enough seating and table space. Place an order to rent extra or go ahead and purchase additional table and chairs if needed


  • Move the turkey from the freezer to the refrigerator so it can begin defrosting
    • Pro Tip: Allow one day for thawing for every 5 pounds of meat. For example: A 15 lb Turkey would take three days to completely thaw
  • Make a grocery list- shop for non perishable items
  • Double check that you will have enough bakeware, pans, dinner plates silverware, serving ware, and stemware
  • Map out which dishes can be prepared the day before
  • Clean out refrigerator to accommodate for day of dishes/condiments
    • Pro Tip: Using a cooler to store extra food keeps the refrigerator available for last minute Thanksgiving Day items


  • Shop for perishable Items
  • Clean the house/guest bathroom


  • Prepare all dishes that can be prepared ahead of time
    • Pies
    • relish
    • boil eggs for deviled eggs
  • Text guests address and directions if needed
    • Final head count
  • Set table with decorations
    • candles
    • decor not taller than 1 ft (so people can see each other when seated)
    • placeards


  • Use your meal timeline to guide your cooking
    • PRO Tip: most items can go in the oven on 200 degrees to stay warm the last 30min-1hr so that you can finish up the last minute details
  • Dont forget to put the turkey in the oven 😉
  • Have appetizers out
    • veggie tray
    • dips
  • Turn on some background music
  • Set up the bar area with refreshments & wine if desired

REMEMBER, DON’T PANIC!  Here is a link to a great printable checklist for the tiny details:  https://www.idonthavetimeforthat.com/thanksgiving-checklist-printable/

Good luck!  We hope you have a wonderful (and yummy) Thanksgiving! Don’t forget if you’d rather leave the cooking up to us, we can make a customized Thanksgiving feast, just make sure you reach out before November 20. If you order a meal of at least $200 in value, you will receive a free, all-natural turkey!