Fresh Vegetables Make Healthy Meals

Spring has officially sprung! The turn of the season means it’s time to give those root veggies a break and hit up some delicate fresh veggies. We all know that vegetables are a building block of healthy meals across the board. Here are some of our favorite spring vegetables that we both love to eat and love to cook with!

Brussels Sprouts

These precious baby cabbage heads have had a bit of a resurgence over the last decade. Gone are the days of overcooked, boiled and mushy Brussels sprouts that make kids notoriously turn their noses up. We like them tossed in a bit of olive oil and roasted until crispy.

Brussels sprouts fall into the “cruciferous vegetable” category that health officials are constantly recommending as part of a balanced diet. They are also high in fiber and rich in vitamins C and K.


Asparagus is pretty much THE vegetable of spring because it really doesn’t grow year-round and can be hard to find out of season. It’s also extremely versatile! Try it sautéed, roasted, or toss it in any stir fry or omelet. You can even add it to soups!

Asparagus is also jam-packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals so it makes a healthy addition to any diet.

When selecting your asparagus, thick or thin is a mere matter of preference. It’s more important to look for nice, fresh tips that aren’t wilted, tight and compact leaves and fresh-cut stems.

Baby Greens

While lettuce is typically a year-round vegetable, spring is particularly great for the more tender varieties. Look for arugula, mesclun or other delicate baby greens to either add to your salad or to use as the entire base! It’s a welcome respite to lighten up your fare after a winter full of rich and heavy dishes.

Lettuces and baby greens are high in fiber and Vitamin K, and leafy greens, in general, are part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is known for its large leaves and vibrant colors! Its flavor can be a bit punchy when it’s eaten raw so this leafy-green is best when cooked, similar to collard greens. Unlike collards, however, Swiss chard can be cooked in much less time! We like a simple sauté with olive oil and garlic.

Swiss chard is an excellent source of calcium, so it’s great for people that don’t incorporate dairy into their diet!


Fresh radish makes a crisp and peppery addition to any dish, particularly salads! Their bright red and white coloring also adds a pleasing pop to your plate. When selecting different types of radishes, it’s worth noting the longer the radish, the spicier the flavor. Stick with the squat round ones for a milder flavor.

Step aside, bananas; radishes are potassium powerhouses! If bananas aren’t your thing, the radish is a great source of potassium.

We always incorporate a wide variety of fresh and seasonal vegetables in all of our chef-prepared meals! We love looking to our friends at the local farmer’s markets, both the Cowtown Farmer’s Market as well as the Clearfork Farmer’s Market. We do recommend checking to make sure either market remains open during COVID-19 as the situation changes regularly. Learn more about our weekly healthy meals delivered right to your doorstep, and our new weekly takeout menu options!