We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jake Duncan, a trained physician’s assistant and the owner of Stewarding Life Wellness, a functional medicine practice located in Keller, TX. I wanted to interview Jake because at Savor we believe food is medicine and that your diet plays an integral role in your overall health and well being and so do they.

We believe that food can prevent, treat and even reverse illness in some cases. That’s why when we stumbled upon this fairly new medical practice we were delighted to see that they shared our same philosophy that our bodies have this incredible ability to heal themselves. On their website they share:

“In this part of the country, significant healing can occur if the food we intake daily changes. This may seem overly simplistic but we have seen a simple dietary makeover change everything in numerous people. Because of this, we will have a heavy emphasis on food being one of your most potent medicines or slow poisons.  Now of course, we are not saying you never have to go to a doctor and we do not pretend to be doctors in any way, but we do know a thing or two about nutrition and helping people heal from their ailments through food. We have seen several of our clients reduce their cancer treatments, relieve arthritis and joint pain and improve digestive health to name a few. “

But what is functional medicine exactly? Jake explains it as an approach that uses functional lab testing to test three main systems in your body including the neuroendocrine, digestion and detox pathways. He believes that almost every symptom can trace back to one or more of these three systems. His focus at Stewarding Life Wellness is to balance these systems using the body’s natural healing capacities with nutritional, lifestyle and supplement based protocols.

Functional medicine is fascinating and we thought you would be interested in learning more about it from Jake himself! So here is the recording below of our conversation.

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